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“In the first instance it is all about ‘getting the plan right’ and then we work on the facade…”
~ Paul Brundell

Paul Brundell designed the renovation of this majestic Queenslander, including a bathroom that won 'Bathroom of the Year'.

How we work...

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You’ve bought a block, or an older home, and decided that you want to build/renovate to create your dream home.

You don’t want something that looks like every other home in the neighbourhood, or something that you would see as a display home for a local builder, so you give me a call to discuss designing your dream home…

What next?

A two story home incorporating curves and cylinders.

Step 1 in the design process

The first step, before any designing takes place, is for Paul to walk the site.

Walking the site allows Paul to understand how the sun moves throughout the seasons, what gradient he has to work with, what outlook or view needs to be incorporated into the design and how natural elements of the location will need to be sympathetically incorporated into the design. 

Step 2

The next step is for Paul to sit down with the client and formulate a thorough understanding of their needs, lifestyle and family dynamic. 

Step 3

After Paul has walked the site and met with the clients to understand their needs and desires, he will create a preliminary concept.

The purpose of this 3D plan is to allow for a discussion around layout, room sizes, room relationships and style.

Step 4

Once Paul has received clients feedback on his preliminary concept plan, he will action client changes and arrange a design development meeting.

This meeting is the ‘Making it yours’ meeting, where final design decisions will be made about colour, materials and textures. After which, Paul will finalise the design. 

Step 5 (last but not least)

The last step in the process is Paul handing over your final construction plans, this will include all drawings required for Council approval (with the exception of the engineering drawings).

At this point, you are ready to start getting final quotes from builders, and choose who will bring Paul’s design, and your new dream home to life!

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