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3D Rendering & Annimation

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The most common uses for building design animation are to; advertise properties; illustrate what renovations or extensions will look like before they are commenced; communicate design concepts to clients and to allow them a ‘walk through’ prior to commencing any building works; and create realistic images of yet-to-be-built structures.

A 3D render by Brundell Designs of a modern home.

3D Rendering

3D modelling lets building designers and homeowners plan far more easily than they could when they were reliant upon using traditional hand-drawn building plans.


As technology has evolved, we have acquired the ability to create three-dimensional visuals of a building before it is fully built. This is extremely useful for envisioning the final product, and ensuring that the layout, room sizes and room relationships work and for testing and visualising different variations of a design. 

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